Month: December 2014

The 2014 Brand Conference





Another success mission has been completed .. Perfection took over The Brand Conference 2014 by BG team..





We were one of the sponsors for the conference and it was our target to decorate the Platinum VIP Lounge where some lucky guests were wellcomed to enjoy their breaks..



It took us a real elaboration and time  to create, design, build and live the creation that had come together..The amazing synergy between Yürekli team and BG team built up a wonderfull ambience at the 2014 Brand Conference Platinum VIP Lounge.


We are proud to have sponsored a grand  corporate event and be a part of the business world






















We'r at The Music Awards

We don't just sign weddings and parties but we also design Corporate Events also.. This one was The Kral Tv Music Awards..




We were asked to simply "touch" the night and so we did...



Hope it was as great as we thought it was..

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Love is in the Air

2399    Just like John Paul Young' s lovely thoughts, we threw an amazing wedding on a March night @Four Seasons Hotel- İstanbul..The decoration was spectacular and dazzling.. The bride and the groom were glowing as well as their guests..



Everything came out of BG's talented and highly qualified team members' hands..Every single detail was taken care of with great elaboration ; the glass tables, plexi boxes with flowers inside, initials on the dance floor, ornaments on the dining tables, bar stand ornaments, candles attached mirrors and high vases carrying spring blossoms within..


What a night to remember..Thank you for letting us create your dreams and wish you guys the best..Cheers for you Burak&Melis..




Pink is Good 7 Haziran Serra&Tolga




To everyone that has a pink fever inside..This was that kind of a wedding..When the bride asks for pink, it's a "yayyy" factor because we love to work with colors..


What we did at his lovely wedding on a  June day was completely delicate..A very non-fancy, modern, soft colored and full of love theme was the mission..And was completed..Çubuklu 29 is one the most favorite wedding venues amongst..The lightings are spectacular and the venue itself is amazing for a cocktail&dinner&afterparty set-ups..Such a pleasure to decorate..


Thank you formaking us a part of your new beginnings..Cheers Serra&Tolga..

Pink is Good

Pink is always a good idea..When the bride asks for a colorful celebration it's  a''yayy'' factor for us..We looove colors and modernism and non-fancy themes as much as we love the opposite ;)

Çubuklu 29 is one of the most favorite venues in İstanbul..The location is beautiful, lighting is spectacular, the energy rises high..It's so much fun to decorate 29..

We choose to be very modern and simple yet full of good vibes..Some blues some whites and pink..What  a glorious celebration it was on this June night..

Thank you for making us a part of your new beginnings..Cheers to love Serra&Tolga