'Been to a Spectacular and Cool Wedding..



When you enter a ball room and there' s a wedding being thrown, every single person has different expectations; but when you enter a BG signed wedding, that differs in no time and you find yourself in a common sense beauty just like Mete and Belkis's wedding party that happened in Su Ada- İstanbul..



In the middle of the sea..A dazzling view, an amazing team energy working with smiling and proud faces to make everything as perfect as possible to make dreams come true..


High ceiling chandeliers , silver candelabras, roses, spectacular lightings, a sheeny black dance floor, tastefull music, delicious food, cool coctails and hot people.. And entering the wedding on high heals,  leaving with flats. We assume this summarize how much fun went on..


Thank you for appreciating our work Mete and Belkis.. Have a blast ;)





An extraordinary wedding!

Zeynep and Moris' wedding at Cubuklu 29 was absolutely beautiful.  Inspired by the decor of the venue , we designed a wedding that was elegant yet simple. It was not unnecessarily crowded or drowned in color. The wedding was just perfect as was our dear couple. We wish them a lifetime happiness..

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H2O+ is essential!

A cosmetic brand with a slogan saying 'The sea is our laboratory.' We had the pleasure of working with them last week. The theme was, of course, sea-life. It was most rejuvenating!

MBP_2285 MBP_2562 MBP_2242 MBP_2280

Chopard is all I can think of..

We are proud to present the latest Chopard event in Istanbul. Lovely Petra Nemcova, Happy Hearts Foundation's founder, was the guest of honor.  We worked together with our dearest friends Ezgi and Lian (Luxuryshoppers.net) and Tektaş Watches&Jewellery (the official Chopard distributor in Turkey)  and loved every moment of it! It was a night full of sparkle!

chopard_2013-10-22_20-40-40_7K0A7338_�DenizCelikkol2013 chopard_2013-10-22_21-14-05_7K0A7492_�DenizCelikkol2013 chopard_2013-10-22_20-46-50_7K0A7353_�DenizCelikkol2013 chopard_2013-10-22_20-51-10_7K0A7381_�DenizCelikkol2013

The Great Effects of Gatsby

Weddings have an unlimited source of inspiration when it comes to designing. Impressions of the 20’s are one of them. Along with the vintage wedding trends from 2012 and early 2013, the effects of the Great Gatsby, the movie, are already visible on the wedding designs for the next year.

We, as wedding and event designers, create weddings by absorbing the finest details of the world trends with the purpose of giving our clients a real world experience of them.. but always with a fairy tale touch.

posted by Ipek

"something new—something extraordinary and beautiful and simple and intricately patterned." F.Scott Fitzgerald

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Another BG by Caractere wedding

Ciragan Palace was once more the preferred location for our wedding in June. Caractere and BG Events have created a unique ambiance. Huge chandeliers and 5m high panels with thousands of candles were placed in the ballroom. Red, gold, black and crystals were the main colors. This amazing wedding lasted until the early hours of the morning..0001 700_7753 700_7743 DSC_8245

Turkey Music Awards 2013

Kral Tv is the first music channel in Turkey and has became a platform where artists and fans share their appreciation for music.It was a pleasure for us to be a part of this major event and do the decoration of one of the most important award ceremonies in Turkey. 
The event took place in Istanbul Congress Center which happens to be the biggest and the newest convention center in Europe.
Image 15 Image 18 Image 24


One of the most important financial projects in Turkey 'Borsa Istanbul' was introduced with a glamorous premiere in Çırağan Kempinski last week. 
The concept was 'Borsa Istanbul's logo color: turquoise - with which we created a magnificent atmosphere.High glass vases with white tulips was spectacular. 
Also in the same premiere, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan's birthday was celebrated.
These kind of corporate events makes our team excited and greedy..
Image 3 Image 6 Image 11

English garden themed wedding

Aslı and Alihan married in a dreamy park in Çıragan Kempinski, without any worries about the weather. We even added a big iron park gate to accentuate the theme.
We used amazing flowing flowers and candles to complete the ambiance. It was a pleasure for us to share their precious moments in this breathtaking decoration...
Image 21 Image 2 Image 11 Image 14 Image 20

River of flowers

Everybody knows that flowers are essential  for weddings and parties. For us,they are one of the most important components of our events. We especially love flowing flowers, either from a high vase or a table. These pictures were posted in 2011 to one of our favorite blogs, the Rivernorth blog. Arent they inspiring?

(Resource: http://rivernorthlove.blogspot.com/2011/09/wedding-trends-flowing-flowers.html)


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