An International Celebration

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Welcome to Bosphorus's historical Esma Sultan Mansion @İstanbul. A lovely  September wedding blinks from the above.. The weather is perfect and we are ready to celebrate Dana&Mazen's getting together for  a life time...


Different concepts combine to make a whole.. As there is a pier, a garden, an outdoor and an indoor upstairs , we used blacks, purples, pinks,greens and whites with some touches of yellow. Flowers, vazes , silver chandeliers and long tables.


We prefferred the tent to be white as Esma Sultan's tents were green so that there would be fresh harmony. The ornamentals were the cherry on top..

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What a magical celebration that was with Alain Hadife of Caractere and BG together.. . We wish you a life time of happpiness dear Dana&Mazen.. Our greetings to friends in Lebanon..



A Spectacular Event at Yerebatan Cistern

Yerebakan Cistern is located at the southwest of the Hagia Sofia – the European side of Istanbul and was used as a location for the James Bond Movie in 1963. This magnificent ambience has been hosting national and international events for years.

Here are the pictures of the event that we organized last week. We enriched the cistern with our professional team, using spectacular decoration, elegant details and  charming orchids and roses . It’s magical isn’t it?

written by Setenay at BG Events

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