‘Been to a Spectacular and Cool Wedding..



When you enter a ball room and there’ s a wedding being thrown, every single person has different expectations; but when you enter a BG signed wedding, that differs in no time and you find yourself in a common sense beauty just like Mete and Belkis’s wedding party that happened in Su Ada- İstanbul..



In the middle of the sea..A dazzling view, an amazing team energy working with smiling and proud faces to make everything as perfect as possible to make dreams come true..


High ceiling chandeliers , silver candelabras, roses, spectacular lightings, a sheeny black dance floor, tastefull music, delicious food, cool coctails and hot people.. And entering the wedding on high heals,  leaving with flats. We assume this summarize how much fun went on..


Thank you for appreciating our work Mete and Belkis.. Have a blast 😉